Rockstar reveal macabre mechanics of Manhunt 2

Friday 15 June 2007
Manhunt was all about tension. It was also about suffocating violent sociopaths with carrier bags, but the barbaric brutality was heightened by an ever-present sense of uneasiness that simply refused to let the player relax - even after a blood-hungry hunter had been successfully decapitated with a length of wire.

After giving us aninsight into Manhunt 2's environments, developer Rockstar now talks about some of the mechanics that will make Manhunt 2 an even more nail-biting and utterly nerve-shredding excursion into one man's hell...

Crafting fear - the gameplay mechanics of Manhunt 2
If it’s the environment that establishes the dark atmosphere so crucial to instilling fear and dread, it’s the gameplay mechanics that deliver the tension and shocks that make the experience come alive.No other game came close to the original Manhunt in combining stealth, horror and action. In order to create a greater level of tension and immersion for Manhunt 2, we improved on all of the familiar gameplay mechanics from the original, and added a host of new features to elevate the sheer tension and excitement of the gaming experience.

Matt Cundy
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