Rise of the Tomb Raider challenges guide

Geothermal Valley - Bull's-Eye

Shoot 8 bull's-eyes with arrows.

Target #1

Hanging from an arch right by the Valley Farmstead camp, when you first enter the area.

Target #2

The second target hangs from the large tower in the middle of town.

Target #3

Turn around from the tower to spot this hanging from a tree.

Target #4

Check the wooden watchtower at the edge of town for another.

Target #5

Follow the path at the northern edge of the map, and you'll reach this target hanging from a tree by the waterfall.

Target #6

Check the area with the dead trees in the northern pocket of the valley. Hanging from one of the dead trees, near a cave, is the next target.

Target #7

Head for the broken walkway that crosses the river. Underneath a bridge on the north side is another target.

Target #8

That same walkway extends to the east, but you don't have to cross it. Instead, drop to the lower valley and look toward where the walkway ends to see the final target hanging from a tree.

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