Dan Harmon and Warner Bros have talked about a Rick and Morty movie

Rick and Morty in season 6
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Dan Harmon and Warner Bros have talked about making a Rick and Morty movie.

Before the WGA strike, Harmon had a "serious conversation" with executives at Warner Bros about a full-length Rick and Morty movie (via The Hollywood Reporter). According to Harmon, both he and the studio had agreed on a "super episode" conceit a la the feature-length South Park movie. 

Showrunner Scott Marder confirmed in 2021 that the cast and crew were indeed keen.

"I do think it’ll happen, I do." Marder admited. "It’d be daunting. I wouldn’t be shocked if there’s one that comes down the pipe someday I feel like every episode is a movie. It’d have to be pretty epic." 

That same year, Zack Snyder, who plays Fortnite as Mr. Meeseeks, said he'd be open to directing.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut hit theaters in 1999, and remained the highest-grossing R-rated animated film of all time until 2016. The song "Blame Canada" was nominated for Best Original Song at the 72nd Academy Awads.

Now that the WGA strike has ended, Harmon and co. can absolutely get started (He's also working on a feature-length Community movie, which was paused during the strike). In the meantime, however, the show set is to drop its seventh season in October – with two new voice actors taking on the roles of Rick and Morty. The identity of the new actors is being kept secret until the season premiere, though fans so far swear that they cannot tell the difference.

Rick and Morty season 7 premiere Sunday, October 5. For more, check out our list of the best new shows coming your way in 2023 and beyond.

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