Zack Snyder regularly plays Fortnite as a Rick and Morty character

Zack Snyder
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Zac Snyder loves Fortnite – and he also loves playing as a random Rick and Morty character.

"My son and I got into Fortnite. I kind of wanted to play it with him and then he didn't like it, so then I ended up just playing it by myself," Snyder told IGN. "I went down a bad rabbit hole with Fortnite in the sense that I took a pretty deep dive [...] I was Meeseeks from Rick and Morty."

Fortnite, first released in 2017, is an immensely popular video game with modes ranging from its main 100-person battle royale, where players are dropped into a map with the goal of being the last one standing, to a wide array of community-created maps and modes. The game is also notable for the whacky victory dances including the 'dab' and the 'floss' that can be unlocked as emotes. Since its release, Fortnite has generated over $9 billion in gross revenue.

The game lets you play as a plethora of pop culture characters, including Rick Sanchez and Mecha Morty. There was also a Get Schwifty emote for some time. Mr Meeseeks was first introduced in the Rick and Morty season one episode "Meeseeks and Destroy." Meeseeks are weird and blue and are known to inhabit various planets across the universe. They also can't be killed, and won't die until they've fulfilled their particular purpose – though they usually live for no more than a few hours. 

Snyder is a big fan of the Dan Harmon series, stating back in 2021 that he'd be open to directing a feature-length adaptation of the series. The following year, Rick and Morty poked fun at The Snyder Cut of Justice League in season 6 episode 2 – but it looks like Snyder didn't take it to heart.

Rebel Moon, Snyder's next directorial venture, hits Netflix on December 22. For more, check out our list of the best Netflix movies to stream right now.

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