Rick and Morty producer on the chances of a movie: "I do think it’ll happen"

Rick and Morty movie
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Rick and Morty has been pretty much everywhere, from the neon lights of Blips and Chitz to The Citadel of Ricks and even the horrors of alternate dimensions – but what about the big screen?

Fans have been clamoring for a Rick and Morty movie for some time, and writer/producer Scott Marder – in a roundtable attended by GamesRadar+ and other outlets – thinks there’s a realistic chance of the hit Adult Swim series making the leap to theaters.

"I do think it’ll happen, I do." Marder admits. "It’d be daunting. I wouldn’t be shocked if there’s one that comes down the pipe someday."

But there’s some reservation there, especially with the epic scale of the series already. "I feel like every episode is a movie," Marder says. "I’d like to see what a movie would be, it’d feel like the equivalent of a trilogy. We just pack so much in. It’d have to be pretty, pretty epic."

"It’d have to be something so big," Spencer Grammer, who plays Summer on Rick and Morty, adds. "It’s gonna be like a 3D interactive movie that also has like a theme park… I don’t know if you can just do a straight movie. It wouldn’t be good enough… I feel like it has to be more than that."

"There’s just so much in each episode that’s canonical as well and continues to build on itself over these many seasons. It’d be difficult to feel satisfied with just a movie," Grammer explains.

It’s worth pointing out, though, that no Rick and Morty movie has been confirmed nor is it in any form of production at the time of writing.

The show’s future on the small screen, however, is secure. A 2018 order from Adult Swim gave the show a new lease of life – and 70 future episodes. Rick and Morty season 5, which starts on June 20, will give the series that brought us Pickle Rick and Szechuan Sauce another 50 episodes to play with. After that? A cinema near you might await…

Rick and Morty season 5 comes to E4 and All 4 later this month.

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