Retro Special Fun Quiz

"What the Hell are they?" we bet you’re wondering. They’re playing cards from a board game called Doctor Who: Battle for the Universe, released in 1989, which will be featured in an article in the upcoming SFX Retro TV Special – on sale 15 November for £5.99 (complete with free 10-track SF TV themes music CD).

The thing is, all of the pictures on the cards are supposed to be famous characters from Doctor Who. Now, either the artist was overdosing on wine gums, or the company who produced it was too stingy to pay for the rights to use for the likenesses.

So, just for fun – can you guess who they are? We’ve photoshopped out any obvious clues, and we won’t be impressed if you work out the one on the far left. Feel free to post your guesses.

Click on the image for a larger version.

More info on the Retro Special nearer its release (but we can tell you – it's one of our best yet.