How Remnant 2 multiplayer works and crossplay

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Remnant 2 multiplayer means the whole game can be played co-operatively with others players, but no crossplay means you're limited to just those on the same platform. Since Remnant 2 can be quite difficult at times, partying up with some friends to beat the monstrous, other-worldly bosses is definitely a good strategy for getting through the campaign. However, you've still got know about session types and joining games using Worldstones, so here’s everything to know playing Remnant 2 multiplayer and joining other players.

Remnant 2 multiplayer explained

Remnant 2 join game menu with quick match options and individual area nodes to join

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Remnant 2 multiplayer allows you and two other players on the same platform to team up and fight through strange, new, and somewhat randomly generated worlds of the campaign. You can start playing with other players as soon as you finish (or skip) the tutorial, and there are a few ways you can set up Remnant 2 multiplayer:

  1. Join or invite friends: Get someone who is already on your platform’s friends list to invite you to their game or invite them to your game – this can be done via the Remnant 2 System menu which has its own friends list. Your game session must be set to ‘Friends Only’ or ‘Public’ for this to work.
  2. Quick Match using a World Stone: Visit a World Stone checkpoint and choose the ‘Join Game’ option. At the center of this menu, you’ll see options for Quick Match, which finds a random player for you to join based on the Remnant 2 difficulty and game mode (Campaign or Adventure) you choose.
  3. Choose an area using a World Stone: Visit a World Stone checkpoint and choose the ‘Join Game’ option. Surrounding the Quick Match options are nodes for all the biomes and areas of Remnant 2. You can select one of them to join a suitable player who is currently in that area. Hover your cursor over the node to see things like their difficulty level and Power Level. If you don’t like any of the options, close and open the Join Game menu again to refresh the players on each node.

Remnant 2 multiplayer session type on character screen main menu

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If you want players to join you in any of these ways, you must have your Remnant 2 multiplayer game type set to the correct mode. ‘Public’ allows any player to join you, so friends and random players looking to join a game can drop in and out of your session. ‘Friends Only’ allows just those on your platform’s friends list to join. Finally, ‘Offline’ prevents anyone from joining you, although you can still join other players. Your session type can be set per character too, and you can change it via the main menu when choosing your character or through the System menu while playing.

Remnant 2 crossplay

Remnant 2 screenshot

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There is no Remnant 2 crossplay of any kind, so you can only play and match with players on the same platform as you – PC players can only play with PC players, for example. As far as I can tell, Remnant 2 developer Gunfire Games has not said whether or not crossplay features will be added in the future, so while it’s not impossible, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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