Remember Me scaramech locations guide

Episode 5: Headshot

21: Right at the start of the mission, go through the door on the right and follow the corridor down the ramp. At the bottom, the mech will be on the machinery above.

22: From where the previous mech was located, simply follow the corridor around the corner where the mech will be hanging out on the Skyjack there.

23: After you climb the grating in the red lit closed shop and are going down the passage, make a left and you will come to a large fan at the end. The mech will be inside it on the wall.

24: When you exit to the outside flooded area, you will need to climb a sign and then jump to a Jax sign to get to the far side. Look on the back of the Jax sign to find the mech.

25: When you climb atop the crane to reach the Memorize HQ, look at the chimney behind the crane when you rotate it.

26: When you reach the bridge during the chase by Trace, stop and turn to look where you jumped down from to see the mech there.

27: Just after the battle with Trace and his VTOL and the three guards in the large apartment room, go through the door on the left and there will be a half opened door on the right side. Peek in to find the mech.

28: After you have taken Trace’s memories and you are back in control, look behind the middle brick wall you used to hide and the mech will be there.

29: After you take Tracer’s memories and you climb the wall ledges to climb in through the window to the "Bits: Babes In The Shell" office, look in the plants to the left side beside the glass doors.

30: When you enter the Memorize HQ using the code 2058 from Trace’s remembrance, walk down the center of the large room and the mech will be on the left side behind a pole in the center.