Remember Me scaramech locations guide

Episode 6: Rotten Core

31: At the start of the mission, after you talk to Edge, go to the left down the passage before the elevator and there will be a mech on the wall to the left below some pipes.

32: When you get the Pick, enter the room across from the window pane and then enter the door on the right. Inside the storage closet you’ll find this to the right of the door.

33: When you enter the cellblock and defeat the group of enemies, take the elevator up to the second floor but exit to the right side. Use the Pick to on the cell in the center and the mech will be above the door.

34: On the other side of the room, still on the second floor, look at the top of the pillar at the corner nearest to the door that you need to go through to proceed.

35: When you are able to move the first cell you come to, move it and then jump across to the platform that will fall a bit. When it does, turn around and blast the cell structure to the top, and hop back over to the side you were originally on. Go around the corner to the right to find the mech atop the generator there.

36: Once you have the previous mech, then hop back across the platform that fell a bit and get to the far side. Make a left and about halfway down the passage here will be the next mech along the bar near the ceiling, to the right.

37: Once you exit out of the cell, after meeting with Bad, use the first remembrane spot to get the Pick powered up. Then return to the cell beside the cell you exited from and open it to find the mech inside the doorway along the top.

38: After you activate the medical chair on the second floor, and follow it down the stairs, to the left, through the glass door at the blue corner. Just on the other side of the glass door, at the top, will be the mech crawling around.

39: When you reach the blue IC Unit floor, to where the medical chair rolled its way to, look for the small floor cleaning robot, and the mech will be on the back on it as it moves around.

40: After Quaid takes off and unleashes a swarm of guards on you, deal with them and then look inside to the left of the machine that they were all standing at when you arrived. The mech will be there just above the chair.

41: After you have defeated the large group Quaid sends after you, go through the next door that you need to lift and follow the passage around to the Zorn robot on the left. Destroy it with a blast and then the mech will be reachable on its shoulder.

42: In the next room, there will be a blue drone working on a ventilation shaft on the right side. Look inside the vent to see the mech crawling along the wall.