Remember Me scaramech locations guide

Episode 3: Low Life/Low Tech

1: When you open the first gate right near the start of the mission, the scaramech will be right in front of you as you go through.

2: Once you pass the electrical puddle by going through the gate, you will come to a ledge on the left side that you can walk up beside the stairs leading down. When on the ledge look across to the other side and to the left to see a switch you can shoot. It will open a window and you can hit the mech inside it.

3: Once you fight the second group of enemies and need to knock down the two shutters to climb up, do so and hop across until there is an open alleyway on the left. Shimmy down there and hop across to the rooftop below where there will be a “device” on the wall you can shoot to open shutters and find it inside.

4: After the large fight with the Leapers and Skinner, you will come to a blue and white door you need to shoot open. As soon as you do, the mech will be directly across from you.

5: Just after you talk to Tommy on your radio, you will need to go down some stairs past a fire on the left side. When you pass the stairs, go to the right and move a crane to get to the next side. Once there, shoot the switch to lift the panels at the end and the mech will be on the bottom of the panels.

6: When you reach the turbine that you need to shut off, turn around while in front of it and the mech will be crawling on the wall behind you.

7: When you are inside the sewer tunnels, the first grated tunnel that you come to that overlooks a large open area will be on the left side. The mech will be to the far side of the open area, but to hit it, go to the third grated tunnel open just down the corridor to see a switch you can shoot. Do so and the mech in the first opening will be accessible to shoot.

8: After the train crashes and you are in the fiery tunnel, look to the wall to the right of the door to see it there.

9: When you reach the pile of coffins just after the crashed subway cars, go to the right of them and the mech will be crawling in the doorway.

10: Just after you climb the ladder after the first minefield where you needed to follow Jonny Greenteeth’s memory through, climb to the top, to the opening between buildings and the mech will be on the roof directly across from you.