Remember Me scaramech locations guide

Episode 7: Paradise Lost

43: After the battle with the Zorn robot, look up to the left of the ladder you need to climb and the mech will be crawling on the ceiling of the adjacent alcove.

44: When you enter the large room with the Delivery Carts, take the first cart to the far right side and then hop along the wall ledge and down the pipe. Run to the other side of the room, past the fans, and the mech will be on the backside of a crate.

45: When you enter the second door labeled to O’osmoze, head down the hall and you will get attacked by two elite guards. Defeat them and continue to the far end where on the left side in the corner will be the mech.

46: When you take the elevator up to Harmonie Hall, exit it when it stops and then go to the right and then to the left. Follow the walkway all the way to the end and the mech will be in the broken window on the right.

47: After the large battle with the skinners in the mall, go through the door and down the stairs to where some valets are being worked on at the bottom. Look to the right side and the mech will be crawling on the wall there near the yellow light.

48: When you reach Trace for the first time, go through the door ahead of you and make a right. Go up the stairs and make a left and you will enter a “private party” with some drones flying about. Enter the room just a bit and the mech will be on the piano in the center.

49: After you pass the bar and enter the next room where you need to fight an onslaught of enemies, defeat them and go through the next door to see a fire door to the right. The mech will be under the door.

50: Enter the door atop the stairs from the previous mech that is labeled “to the main security post.” Go to the far left side, avoiding the drone, and the mech will be on the debris blocking the hallway.

51: Just after the previous mech, go through the next door, also labeled “to main security post” and turn around after you go through. On the left of the door, there will be a structural weakness spot to blast. Do so and the mech will be revealed.

52: Once you are chasing after the two leapers, you will enter a hallway where Nilin will say that they gave her the slip. Right after, one of them will break through the dead end in the other hall allowing you access to the next door. Go through and the mech will be directly in front of you.

53: When you reach the Central Security Post room, where the remembranes are on the floor, go up the stairs on the right side and the mech will be crawling along the ceiling at the corner.