Red Dead Online superfan with 6,000 hours on Stadia got a Rockstar gift bag as a goodbye present

Red Dead Online
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The Red Dead Online fan who caught Rockstar's attention after racking up over 6,000 hours of the game on Google Stadia is preparing to say goodbye before the service shuts down tomorrow.

Streamer ItsColourTV has shared that they're gearing up for a farewell livestream where they'll be logging into Red Dead Online via Google Stadia for the very last time before the service shuts down for good on January 18, 2023. To commemorate the occasion, Rockstar has even sent the fan a goody bag, which will also be opened during the stream. 

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You may remember late last year that ItsColourTV was pleading with Rockstar for a character transfer in Red Dead Online, after it was announced that Google Stadia would be shutting down in January. Thankfully, the streamer didn't have to lose the 6,000 hours they'd put into the game as they got thrown a lifeline by Rockstar just a few weeks later. We spoke to ItsColourTV about Red Dead Online in which they revealed that they'd started a new character on PS5.

Unfortunately for fans of the action adventure game, there's not going to be a lot to look forward to from now on as Rockstar's killing "major themed content updates" for Red Dead Online as it focuses on GTA 6. This means that minor updates, such as seasonal special events, Telegram Missions, and expansions to existing modes will continue, but that developing the game further will no longer be a focus for the studio - which is why so many players held a funeral for Red Dead Online in 2022. 

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