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Red Dead Online patch notes: huge Moonshiner bonuses and more rank rewards for all

(Image credit: Rockstar)

This week's Red Dead Online patch notes have a whole lot for Moonshiners, and a fair bit for everyone else. 

Moonshiner Sell, Bootlegger, and Story missions will grant 50% more Role XP this week, while Moonshiner Shack properties will be 10 gold bars cheaper. Norfolk Roadster horses and band expansions, which add live music to your bar, will also be 40% off. 

If you do decide to grind up your Moonshiner Role, you'll receive RDO$100 for every three Role challenges you complete. This challenge payout will be available to all roles in addition to Moonshiner. 

Speaking of neutral rewards: the ongoing rank rewards for Red Dead Online players have been updated and extended June 1. Here's what you can earn: 

  • Rank 10: a free Hunting Bow and 50% off any shotgun.
  • Rank 20: five gold bars off the price of the Bounty Hunter License and 50% off any revolver.
  • Rank 30: a free machete and 50% off any repeater.
  • Rank 40: 40% off a Stable Stall and 40% off any horse at the stables.
  • Rank 50: one Free Character Appearance Change, 50% off coats below Rank 15, and 40% off a tent
  • Rank 60: all players beyond Rank 60 will receive a reward for a free Navy revolver, 40% off a Camp Dog of your choice, 50% off a Stable Stall, and five Free Moonshine Mash Refills

You can view the full patch Red Dead Online patch notes for this week on Rockstar's blog.  

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