Red Dead Online is doing last call on these Rank 10 and Rank 20 reward packages

Red Dead Online is incentivizing its Wild West players to rank up this week with the promise of free care packages, but you'll have to act fast, as the rewards are going away on Monday, June 24. By leveling up your bandit to Rank 10 and Rank 20, you can score tons of provisions to stock up for the summer.

Below, we've got a list of all the supplies you'll find in these one-time care packages, with the Rank 10 bundle focused on hunting supplies and the Rank 20 gift packed with tons of stat-boosting foods (including the miraculous in-game miracle that is Cocaine Gum). For anyone who still needs to level up quick for their rewards, look no further than our guide to earn XP fast in Red Dead Online. If you hit Rank 20 by June 24, Rockstar will send both of these packages to your in-game mailbox: 

Rank 10 care package  

  • 20x Small Game Arrows
  • 20x Fire Arrows 
  • 20x Poison Arrows 
  • 5x Predator Bait 
  • 5x Herbivore Bait

Rank 20 care package 

  • 3x Minty Big Game Meat
  • 3x Oregano Big Game Meat
  • 3x Thyme Big Game Meat
  • 10x Baked Beans 
  • 10x Corned Beef
  • 10x Canned Salmon 
  • 5x Jolly Jack's
  • 5x Cocaine Gum
  • 5x Moonshine 
  • 5x Gin 
  • 5x Guarma Rum 
  • 5x Fine Brandy

As always, this update brings a host of new clothing options so you can prowl the prairie in all the latest styles. The Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue gets the Lightfoot Pants and Austin Boots this week, plus three limited-stock items. As Rockstar's official post advertises, there's "the grand, fully lined, deerskin Charro Jacket - which features a handstitched brocade and fancy brass buttons on the breast and cuffs. There’s also the striking Vaquero Baroque Spurs - hand tooled embossed leather spurs with ornate 8 point rowels. And the Clymene Coat - a stunning two-tone design, this coat features soft tiered top grain leather and fancy brass buttons." 

In terms of increased payouts in PvP modes, the Elimination Series Playlist rewards you with 30% more XP and RDO$. If you win a match, you'll also score 60x High Velocity ammo for each class of gun (Pistol, Revolver, Repeater and Rifle) as a nice bonus. And if you keep getting you heiney kicked, you can express your frustration with the newly added Hissy Fit emote. Tonics are also 25% off all this week, so make sure you stock up on all manner of restorative potions and potent elixirs.

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