Rachel McAdams and Helen Mirren join State Of Play

Whenever we try to think of a female version of Bill Nighy (no, don’t back away carefully, stay with us on this one) we can’t help but picture Helen Mirren.

Director Kevin MacDonald clearly had the same thoughts as he’s just nabbed the Oscar-scooper for the US version of State Of Play, with Mirren taking over the role of a tough-talking editor who oversees a campaign manager-turned-reporter (Ed Norton) investigating a political scandal surrounding his friend and former boss, Congressman Brad Pitt.

And Mirren’s not alone – Robin Wright Penn has signed on to play Pitt’s wife, with whom Norton develops a relationship. Oh, and not forgetting Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman, who are fellow hacks chasing the story.

With script contributions from Matthew Michael Carnahan and Tony Gilroy, the film will kick off shooting in November.

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