PS5 update launches alongside DualSense Edge update

DualSense Edge
(Image credit: PlayStation)

New updates have rolled out for PS5's system software, as well as the DualSense Edge.

The updates for all three systems only just launched earlier today on April 19. For the PS5's system software update, the full file will weight in at 1.151GB for users worldwide, and chiefly improves system performance and stability, while also improving messaging features for users.

Elsewhere though, there's a small update for the DualSense Edge controller. Just like the PS5 software update, the latest firmware update for Sony's fancy new-gen controller offers "improved stability," but little else in the way of material improvements or changes.

This is actually the first DualSense Edge update for the flashy new-gen controller, since the PS5 accessory first launched earlier this year. Thankfully though, the DualSense Edge can be updated wirelessly, without you having to go digging for a USB-C cable, as you would've had to have done for the past few years to update the base DualSense controller for the pS5.

All things considered, it's a pretty minor update in the grand scheme of things for the PS5 and the DualSense Edge. 2023 in PS5 updates so far has seen added voice control for you to command your console with, and an update that both added Ukrainian language support and made Trophy hunting easier.

Still, this is hardly the first time a PS5 update has started and ended at performance improvements - only this time it's got a DualSense Edge update bundled in alongside it.

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Hirun Cryer

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