PS5 event reportedly set for early June according to industry insider

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A Sony event will reportedly take place in early June and is said to showcase some next-gen games coming to the PS5

VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb recently posted a breakdown of the upcoming E3 summer events. As a well-known industry insider, Grubb has accurately predicted the dates of upcoming events in the past, such as the Mini Nintendo Direct back in March. 

Previously Grubb claimed the next PS5 event was originally due to showcase on June 4, but Sony is now "moving it around." Despite this reshuffle, the article reports that the company still currently plans for the event to take place within " the early June timeframe". 

We haven't seen much of the PS5 console itself since it was announced by Sony. While it's not completely outside the realms of possibility that we'll see a reveal soon, Grubb believes the upcoming event will focus on the roster of next-gen games coming to the console but says they won't be first-party titles. News also recently came to light that PlayStation is planning to "introduce a compelling line-up of titles soon". 

Interestingly, the report also points to an upcoming State of Play in August, which is said to follow the June event: "The company is putting together one of its State of Play video presentations for Early August," Grubb writes. "This will highlight a combination of current and next-gen games." 

With a summer line-up digital of events on the horizon in lieu of the traditional E3 show, the article also sheds some light on predictions for Microsoft. The studio has already revealed its plans for Xbox 20/20 showcases, which is a monthly digital series set to give us a closer look at the Xbox Series X and the upcoming games headed to the console.

We've already seen some third party games, and recent news revealed that the July event is set to show some first-party games such as Halo Infinite. Grubb claims the Xbox June event is targeting for June 10, and will allegedly give us another look at the console itself.

Nintendo on the other hand allegedly doesn't have any Directs in the pipeline, but we could see some more surprise trailers for upcoming games drop not unlike the recent Paper Mario: The Origami King reveal.

As with any reports of this nature from anonymous sources, we can't know for sure just how accurate this information is, but with Grubb's past history of accurate predictions, we could see a PS5 event in a matter of weeks.

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