PS5 Pro leak reveals specs that sound more like PS6 alongside AI upscaling tech

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Some tasty PS5 Pro specs have leaked out into the wild, and the console is allegedly set to feature its own upscaling tech. Dubbed Spectral Super Resolution, the tool will seemingly work similarly to the likes of DLSS and FSR, but Sony apparently thinks it’ll produce better results than AMD’s GPU feature.  

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest PS5 Pro news and rumors, you’ll know the revamped console is allegedly already in the hands of publishers. All signs also point towards the new PlayStation rolling into town this year, and the latest leak to emerge provides a clearer performance picture. While the insider info outlines raw attributes in terms of figures, it’s the bits that feel like something that’s normally associated with the best graphics card contenders I’m personally most excited about. 

In a new video, reliable leaker Moore’s Law is Dead  (corroborated by Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming) spills the PS5 Pro beans with a presentation document. According to the slide, the system’s GPU supposedly boasts 33.5 teraflops of power – just under three times that of the current PS5 chip. Codenamed Trinity, the Pro model is also described as being “45% faster than standard PS5,” with ray tracing performance coming in at between two to four times faster, which is a massive uplift to say the least. 

Tying in with those raw stats, the Sony document outlines how 300 TOPs AI computational abilities will be used to fuel its “upscaling/antialiasing solution”, referred to as “Spectral Super Resolution.” The leak suggests that the upscaling toolkit will be used to provide 4K to begin with, serving as a way to boost fps by enhancing 1440p visuals. However, the company is apparently “planning” to support 8K with a future SDK, meaning we could finally see home consoles reach new resolution heights.

The presentation also touches on “dynamic resolution” capabilities, something that’s already a thing on PC thanks to the likes of Nvidia DLSS 3.5. Better still, developers reportedly won’t have to train each game to enable the feature, making it easier to implement across the console’s library. If we do end up with such a feature on the PS5 Pro, it’ll effectively help the hardware dynamically strike a balance between fidelity and frame rate, and Sony claims the results look better than AMD FSR 2 and traditional TAAU techniques. 

Moore's Law is Dead caveats that he has blurred leaked photos a little that compare Sony’s PSSR tech to FSR, namely to protect sources. Therefore, it won’t serve as evidence that the PS5 Pro will outperform FSR 2 in terms of AI upscaling results. Still, both the specs presented in the documentation and the company’s confidence tell me that it has something pretty impressive up its sleeve, and we could be looking at something closer to a generational jump than a mid-gen refresh. 

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