PS5 DualSense Edge controller: everything we know so far

Sony DualSense Edge PS5 controller
(Image credit: Sony)

After some rumors and speculation, Sony has officially announced and introduced the PS5 DualSense Edge wireless controller.

Announced as part of Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2022, the DualSense Edge represents an evolution of the already-excellent DualSense gamepad, geared toward customisation and high-performance controls in order to offer you an 'edge' in games (get it?).

The great news, straight off the bat, is that you can place a PS5 DualSense Edge pre-order right now! Pre-orders for the PS5 DualSense Edge controller went live on October 26th and are still live as stock seems to hold. If you've been waiting for a proper PS5 controller that will give you an edge and a whole load of flexibility this generation then this is pre-order to place. Place an order now and the controller will reach you on January 26.

The headlines of the new PS5 DualSense Edge controller are very in-keeping with what we've come to expect from customisable pads. There are interchangeable stick modules, customisable controls, multiple button profiles, and programmable and change bale back buttons - all on top of the core DualSense features like the haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers. It retains its wireless connectivity, and these extra features don't impact the great ergonomic form factor either.

Sony DualSense Edge PS5 controller

(Image credit: Sony)

We had rumours online about a new pro controller, and that it would feature such characteristics, that came from Try Hard Guides, but now it's great to have it all finally out in the wild and confirmed. While we have had the SCUF Reflex line of controllers released, there's something about the official one which is going to appeal.

Such a controller is a first for Sony and its PlayStation consoles: typically there's only ever been one version of its controller per console, with some mild revisions along the lifespan (think of the PS4 Pro and the DualShock 4 v2). To introduce a standalone line is a big deal - and certainly points to Sony's emerging PC plans (we could have another contender for best PC controller on our hands). Such a hardware development now, at the year two point of the PS5's lifespan, also fits neatly into what people are expecting of a potential PS5 Pro console too. 

We've whipped up this page so as to give you all the information you could want to get familiar with the DualSense Edge, and we'll be keeping a close eye on further information on availability, dates, and pricing from now on too.

PS5 DualSense Edge controller: features and design

Sony DualSense Edge PS5 controller

(Image credit: Sony)

As briefly mentioned above, the DualSense Edge has an expansive feature set that's largely squeezed into the existing DualSense chassis and design. But what are the specifics? Here's a quick-fire list of the main features on offer that elevate the EDdge above its original, sister controller:

  • Interchangeable stick modules, and stick caps: Change up your DualSense Edge with different stick modules entirely by swapping out the whole analog stick module (more details on these to come, and will be sold separately), and choose different caps for your thumbs too.
  • Changeable back buttons: Deploy two extra buttons to any other button input giving you more controls at your disposal for quick actions.
  • Remappable buttons and controls: Remap and customise the buttons on the DuialSense Edge to make it truly yours, and also adjust stick sensitivity and dead zones to your liking.
  • Customisable triggers: Alter the amount of actuation needed on L2 and R2 with a slider, offering hairline trigger actions to regular DualSense levels.
  • Control profiles: Store multiple control schemes on board the DualSense Edge and change between them easily with an onboard function button.
  • All DualSense wireless features: The DualSense Edge retains all the excellent and original features that come on the standard DualSense pad such as haptics, wireless connectivity, and adaptive triggers.

Such an offering is likely to make it an essential member of the PS5 accessories line up - even those not needing a competitive or online advantage might just want the added flexibility that the Edge's customisations offer.

All in, such a feature set does make the DualSense Edge the PS5 equivalent of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller that has become an immensely popular pad. Here's how it will stack up against the latter's offerings.

Xbox Elite Series 2 vs DualSense Edge

Xbox Elite Series 2

  • Interchangeable sticks
  • Interchangeable D-pads
  • Wireless
  • Trigger Locks
  • 4 Rear buttons
  • 40 Hours battery life

DualSense Edge

  • Interchangeable sticks
  • No Interchangeable D-pads
  • Wireless
  • Trigger Locks
  • 2 Rear buttons
  • Battery life not stated

Sony DualSense Edge PS5 controller

(Image credit: Sony)

PS5 DualSense Edge controller: price and availability

As of right now, we have no official guidance on DualSense Edge controller price or availability. However, by looking at the other side of the console canyon, and at other customisable controllers, we can start to speculate on how things will pan out.

Staying on the PlayStation side of things, we know that the SCUF Reflex series of controllers start at the $199.99/£199.99 mark - and can be as expensive as $250/£250 (or above that even if you add some flourishes). We don't think the DualSense Edge will cost this much as this it's, well, just too high a price tag to come from Sony itself. We accept that customisation will demand a premium, but not something that takes it to half the price of a PS5 disc console. We think it'll be priced more aggressively than this. Plus, Sony has set a precedent of swallowing some costs on its hardware, which we think it would be wise to do again here if necessary.

In fact, it might be more productive to look at the Xbox side of things and do a direct comparison there - Sony would, after all, want its premium controller to be seen as its own competitor to Microsoft's.

So, we know that the current standard Xbox Series X & S controller comes in at around $59.99/£59.99. The premium Xbox Elite Series 2 pad comes in at around $160/£160, adding a round hundred to the price point - and keeping it safely under that 200-mark.

The current PS5 standard controller, DualSense, comes in at an MRSP of $69.99/£59.99. Using crude maths and imagining a similar markup, we could be looking at an estimated price point of $169.99/£159.99 for the DualSense Edge. However, with some of the Elite's features dropped, this price could fall lower.

Availability is a complete unknown right now: maybe there'll be some alignment with PSVR2? Sony might not want one hardware release taking the sheen off of another. A Holiday 2022 release may be more likely - this could also line up nicely with the same release window as God of War Ragnarok.

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