Quick - PS Plus is 50% off for new and returning users, but this deal won't last long

PS Plus deals
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If you haven't looked into PS Plus deals yet or have a lapsed account, now's your chance to remedy that - a year of the service has been cut to half price for UK gamers. This brings the overall cost crashing down to just £24.99 rather than the full £50. That's a good deal no matter how you slice it, and it's one of the better Christmas sales for gamers we've seen so far.

Because PS Plus deals are required for online multiplayer (and due to the fact that it gives you free games each month), this offer is too good to pass up. Just remember, you can't have an active PlayStation Plus subscription to benefit from the discount - it's for new and returning members only.  In addition, the deal will come to an end on Sunday 19 December at 11:59pm GMT. That means you don't have long if you want to take advantage of this offer.

So, we know what you're thinking: can you game the system and cancel your current membership before signing up again with this deal? Unfortunately not. You see, you can't have an active PS Plus sub of any kind for this offer to work, so unless yours ends in the next few days and you let it lapse without rolling over for another year, you won't have much luck. Well, about as much as folks looking for a PS5 restock, anyway.

That doesn't mean you can't get a discount on PlayStation Plus deals if you're an existing member, though. While we haven't seen any reductions on a full year of the service since Black Friday, you can get a small price cut at CDKeys, which is cutting the cost to £42.99 (a drop of 14%). If you're looking to top up or want good PS5 gifts, that's a great place to start.

PS Plus deals

PS Plus (12 months) | £49.99 £24.99 on the PlayStation Store
Save 50% - is open to new and returning subscribers ONLYends on Sunday 19 December at 11:59pm

PS Plus (12 months) | £49.99 £24.99 on the PlayStation Store
Save 50% - That's pretty exceptional as far as PS Plus deals go, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind. Right off the bat, this offer is open to new and returning subscribers ONLY (you can't have an active PS Plus membership). Secondly, it ends on Sunday 19 December at 11:59pm.


PS Plus (12 months) | £49.99 £42.99 at CDKeys
Save 14% - If you already have a PS Plus membership, the best offer you can get right now is this discount from CDKeys. It's a modest reduction, but still worth considering on the whole. Don't expect it to last for too long, though.

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