The best Boxing Day sales for gamers 2023: all the biggest offers across PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC

Boxing Day sales
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Limbo week is here, and that can mean only one thing if you didn't quite get the gifts you were expecting under the tree. Boxing Day sales are go, so you can save on everything from consoles to accessories, merch to games right now. We're bringing you all the retailers currently offering Boxing Day sales for gamers, so you can head straight to the stores offering the kit you need. 

This is the last major sales event of the year, and with new tech releasing in the early months of 2024 retailers are keen to clear their shelves of unsold stock. That means super low prices for us. 

What's great is that the best Christmas sales for gaming often take hefty price cuts even before the big day - once that final shipping date has passed we tend to see prices hit rock bottom. That's why we're rounding up all the best Boxing Day sales for gamers right here, across all major platforms. 

It doesn't matter whether you play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, or PC, we've found the retailer that has the right deal for you. You'll find all the stores we regularly hit for the biggest Boxing Day sales for gamers just below. 

The best Boxing Day sales available now


Amazon |

Amazon | up to 57% off games
Amazon is many Boxing Day sales shoppers' first hit, with the massive online retailer regularly offering discounts on everything from gadgets to games. 

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Alienware | up to 20% off laptops
Whether your dream rig didn't quite make it under the tree this year, or you're after some new accessories for the machine that did, Alienware regularly offers discounts on high-end PCs, laptops, monitors, and peripherals. 

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AO | clearance prices on 100s of electronics
AO regularly offers strong discounts on everything from games to high-end accessories. We'd also recommend keeping a close eye on the 4K TVs that tend to see offers here, as well as the range of gaming laptops on the shelves.

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Argos | Switch accessories from $7
With speedy delivery (and even faster in-store collection), those getting impatient on Boxing Day should check out the gaming, tech, and toy categories at Argos. Lego, Nerf, and other big brands are regularly discounted during end-of-year sales here, as well as a range of budget gaming accessories.

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BenQ | up to £300 off
BenQ has been offering a few discounts of its own in recent months, which means it's worth keeping an eye on this brand in the Boxing Day sales. You'll find a range of gaming monitors on the shelves here, but BenQ also produces some high-end projectors as well. 

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Box | PC accessories from £1.99
With a massive range of laptops and TVs on offer, Box specializes in cheaper gadgets that won't break the bank. You'll still find impressive rigs on the shelves, but if you're after a gaming laptop that won't break £700 or a 4K TV for under £350 in this year's Boxing Day sales, this is a strong recommendation. 

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CDKeys | up to 90% off digital games
If you're looking to kit out your new console or PC with some of the latest games in this year's Boxing Day sales, CDKeys should be top of your list. You'll find everything from The Sims to Spider-Man here.

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Corsair | kit now starting at just £8.99
If you're after discounts on some of the biggest gaming accessories on the market in this year's Boxing Day sales, it's worth heading straight to the source. Corsair holds its own sales regularly, knocking prices down to positions that can sometimes beat retailers. 

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Currys | console bundles with free delivery
Currys is a classic when it comes to catching up on all the tech that didn't make its way under your tree this year. In recent months we've seen some excellent offers on all things Nintendo Switch here as well, with OLED bundles hitting the shelves over the last few weeks and some further discounts on games. There's plenty on the shelves for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X players as well. 

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Dell | discounts across laptops and accessories
Even if you're not after a new laptop (though prices do drop particularly low here), Dell can save you plenty of cash on accessories and monitors for the rig you already have. Mice, headsets, and keyboards are limited to Dell's Alienware brand, but there's plenty of savings if you're a fan of that angular design. 

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Disney | up to 50% off selected lines
The Disney Boxing Day sales regularly offer up severe discounts on some of the hottest toys of the year, and you'll find plenty of collectables and other merchandise items lining the shelves as well. 

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Disney Plus

Disney Plus | save 16% on annual membership
If you're planning ahead for limbo week, it's worth noting that we often see Disney Plus discounted subscriptions hitting the shelves during the Boxing Day sales as well.

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Ebuyer | up to 30% off PCs and accessories
From storage to cooling fans, laptops to gaming monitors, we usually see a strong turnout in Boxing Day sales for gamers at Ebuyer. This retailer does specialise in the PC arena, so if you're looking to kit out your setup after Christmas, we'd recommend taking a look. 

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EE | excellent Switch OLED bundles now live
If your Christmas photos are looking a little shabby, you might consider upgrading your phone over the Boxing Day sales. EE offers plenty of free gifts with its contracts, with even the Nintendo Switch making an appearance in previous offers.

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GAME | PS5 and Xbox games under £10
Boxing Day sales for gamers don't get better than this. Your favorite high street game shop regularly offers some excellent discounts on games and merch once the turkey's been digested. Not only that, but with the brand branching out into board and card games in recent years, there's plenty of tabletop fun to see you through limbo week as well. 

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GOG | 15% off Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty
If you're after some super cheap PC games in this year's Boxing Day sales, GOG should have you covered. We're already seeing some stunning discounts on heavy hitters, with everything from Cyberpunk to Dying Light taking price cuts.

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Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming | up to 83% off PC games
If you're after even more cheap PC games, Green Man Gaming offers regular sales and discounts throughout the year. We're confident you'll find some particularly strong offers just after Christmas as well. 

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Hamleys | up to 68% off
Not enough toys under the tree? Hamleys regularly offers multi-buy deals on a range of top brands from Lego to Hasbro, Nerf to Sylvanian Families. We're already seeing savings reaching 68% off on certain lines, so there's plenty of last-minute discounts to browse. 

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Harrods | up to 30% off
Boxing Day sales are going to be big business at Harrods, and we're particularly interested in the toys and electronics lining the shelves. Harrods has been running previews of its upcoming sales as well, so there's plenty to get on your list. 

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HP | save up to £300 on Laptops
HP can pack some impressive configurations into super-low price tags this time of year, which is perfect if you're on the hunt for a laptop or an all-in-one desktop solution. Not only that, but you'll find plenty of accessories and rigs in its Omen line discounted as well. 

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IWOOT | 3 for £6 on gifts
From gadgets to merchandise, iWoot is your one-stop shop for a massive range of tech and gaming treats. Whether you're after an at-home draft beer tap or a Nintendo Switch Lite, there are plenty of discounts to be found here this time of year. 

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Jacamo | up to £100 off consoles
While it started out as a fashion retailer, Jacamo has since expanded to offer a range of tech and gaming devices as well. That means you'll find plenty of accessories and titles on the shelves here - just watch out for console bundles that push prices up a little. 

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John Lewis

John Lewis | up to 50% off
While not typically known for its gaming deals, John Lewis has a trick up its sleeve when it comes to Boxing Day sales. That's because of the excellent warranty guarantees that we often see on big items like TVs, consoles, and laptops here. If you're looking to splash some cash this year, we'd recommend taking a look. 

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Laptops Direct

Laptops Direct | save up to 30% on PC accessories
There are a lot of retailers discounting laptops in Boxing Day sales, but few can compete with Laptops Directs' super low prices. You'll find budget-minded Chromebooks, Windows machines, and gaming rigs here, as well as plenty of discounted accessories to go with them. 

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Lego | Insiders get free gift on orders over £45
If you haven't stepped on enough Lego bricks by the time Christmas is over, we'd recommend stocking up while the Lego Boxing Day sales are live. We regularly see discounts on premium and more affordable sets during these larger sales periods. 

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Logitech | up to £50 off sitewide with code LOGI23
The Logitech G section of the brand's website plays host to a massive range of PC and console gaming peripherals. That means you'll find everything from mice and keyboards to racing wheels, flight sticks, and streaming gear here, with regular discounts as well. 

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Menkind | save up to 40%
With plenty of gadgets and gizmos on the shelves, it can be easy to get lost in the digital aisles of Menkind. While the PC gaming accessories on offer are on the 'super-budget' end of the scale, you'll find plenty of merch and Funko delights to feast on here - as well as regular discounts.

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Microsoft | up to 30% off Elite controllers
Aside from Microsoft's own Xbox site, there are plenty of gaming headsets, mice, and keyboard discounts usually on offer over Boxing Day. With brands like HyperX, Razer, and Turtle Beach taking part in previous sales, it's all to play for this year. 

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Nanoleaf | 20% off Elements starter sets and expansions
Nanoleaf RGB lighting panels are truly something to behold, so we're hopeful for some discounts in this year's Boxing Day sales. The retailer itself doesn't offer too many sales, but there are usually competitions and giveaways running around the Christmas period to get involved in.


Nintendo | up to 85% off Warner Bros. games
From cheaper games to Switch bundles and peripherals, Nintendo's own official store has it all. With a decent showing over Black Friday, we're optimistic for more excellent discounts in future sales.

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Pop In A Box

Pop In A Box | over £100 off figures
Whether you're hunting down a particular figure or you want to keep your 2022 interesting with a monthly subscription, Pop In A Box regularly offers new incentives and discounts on its range of collectibles. Subscribers can currently get 10% off everything on site, with new deals added every day.

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Pure Electric

Pure Electric | save £300 on Pure Flex
We are likely to see some solid discounts on electric scooters in this year's Boxing Day sales. With stock already selling out, we're hoping once the Christmas rush is over we'll see some terrific offers. 

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Razer | free £300 gift cards up for grabs
Whether you're going big on a pro gaming laptop, or simply upgrading your pointer, Razer regularly offers significant discounts across its range right on its official store site. From extra gift cards to cold hard savings, there's likely plenty to shop for here after Christmas. 

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Samsung | £300 cashback
If the craving for a NeoQLED TV rears up once Christmas is over and done with, Samsung is likely to offer some significant discounts on its 2021 models in the Boxing Day sales. Smaller budgets will still likely find discounts on headphones, tablets, and laptops as well.

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SecretLab | up to £200 off gaming chairs
If you're looking to head into 2022 with a brand-new gaming setup, we'd recommend keeping a close eye on SecretLab's discounts over the holiday period. We're already seeing significant savings on these premium gaming chairs, with plenty of models and designs included in the sales. 

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ShopTo | up to £20 off Switch games
From PS5 games to the OLED Switch, there's plenty going on at gaming retailer ShopTo already. We see discounts sometimes sneaking those prices just a little lower than other retailers here, so it's well worth a look if you're after some accessories. 

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SteelSeries | over £100 off Arctis headsets
SteelSeries is another brand that regularly offers discounts on its gaming peripherals via its official store. Whether you're after the premium Arctis line of headsets or the Apex keyboard, there will likely be some significant savings up for grabs here in this year's Boxing Day sales. 

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Studio | up to 80% off
If you're looking to stretch that budget as far as possible, Studio's low prices and excellent range can certainly lend a hand. We regularly see heavy discounts across gaming and toy categories here, with particular attention paid to cheap gaming chairs and gaming desks

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The Entertainer

The Entertainer | up to 70% off toys and games
We're looking forward to some significant savings at the already budget-minded retailer The Entertainer in this year's Boxing Day sales. After that Christmas toy rush, prices can sink over the New Year. 

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The Game Collection

The Game Collection | game bundles available
The Game Collection offers a massive range of the latest titles at super low prices, and catching them during a sale can prove particularly lucrative. PS5 games are already available for well under £20 here, with plenty more titles discounted across platforms. 

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Very | Meta Quest 2 now £150 off
While Very might not be your first choice when stocking up your gaming collection, it actually offers some considerable discounts on games and accessories. There isn't the range of some of the more specialized retailers here, but because this store often price matches Amazon on bigger items (and can hold onto stock a lot longer), it's well worth a look. 

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Xbox | Xbox Series S holiday pricing – limited time
Xbox games are regularly on sale (and can get even cheaper if you're a Game Pass Ultimate member), which means we're likely to see some super low prices once you're free to boot up your new console. Not only that, but we often see discounts on official controllers and accessories here as well. 

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Zavvi | Lego sets up to £150 off
If you're looking to put the controller down for a second, but still say firmly within the world of your favorite game, it's worth stocking up on merch from Zavvi. Collectables, apparel, and novelty items abound here, with some strong discounts during the holidays as well. 

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Boxing Day sales: FAQ

When will Boxing Day sales begin?

Boxing Day sales are creeping closer and closer each year, with some even kicking off before Christmas. Retailers tend to shift their focus once the last day of Christmas shipping has passed, which explains why we've been seeing so many savings landing before the turkey's in the oven in recent years. In general, though, the biggest Boxing Day sales kick off between December 25 and December 26 depending on the retailer. 

Should you wait for Boxing Day sales?

If you're already browsing the fantastic range of Christmas sales on the shelves right now, there isn't much need to wait until Boxing Day. These discounts are often a continuation of the deals retailers are willing to offer in the lead-up to the big day - just with a new banner at the top of the page. 

That said, there are some categories, like toys, that could see further discounts once the Christmas rush is over. If you're not concerned about stock levels or delivery before the actual holiday, it might be worth waiting a little. 

When do the Boxing Day sales end?

Well, the truth is that the Boxing Day sales just turn into, or run into, the January sales. This means there's an extensive sales period after Christmas and means the opportunity for picking up a deal is greater and potentially more fruitful.

Looking for more great offers? Be sure to check in with our best Nintendo Switch gift guide as well as the best Xbox gifts guide and this best PS5 gifts roundup, to find all the latest deals across the major consoles. 

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