Prototype 2 achievement and trophy guide

Something to Live For



FALL FROM GRACE is story mission 17 and takes place in the Green Zone.


Destroyed all Lairs

We created an entire collectibles guide devoted to finding BlackBoxes, Field Ops, and Lairs. Check it out HERE.

Strike, You’re Out.


Destroyed a Strike Team in 15 seconds or less

A “Strike Team” is the pair of helicopters that shows up when you cause too much trouble. They appear as red lightning bolts on your mini map. The very quickest way to do this is to hijack a helicopter (once you have the ability to, after the final Green Zone mission) and start wreaking havoc on a Blackwatch base. The Strike Team will soon arrive, and you can easily shoot them down within the 15 seconds.

Alternatively, grab a rocket launcher, weaponize a vehicle, or hijack a ground vehicle to easily destroy the two choppers.

The Best Offense


Countered enemy attacks 20 times using Shield

As far as we’ve experienced, countering rockets does not count. They have to be timed melee counters, such as those that are prompted when fighting against Orion Supersoldiers. However, the counters work on any form of melee attack, even the game’s final boss’s.

The Floor is Lava


Traveled half mile using only Wall Run, Glide, Jump, and Air Dash

This one isn’t too difficult, even if you haven’t upgraded your movement abilities. Simply find a fairly large, tall, square building, and you can run around the outside of it until the achievement pops. When you hit a corner, don’t jump (you’ll end up eventually climbing the building if you do). Instead, make sure to quickly glide and air dash back to the building and continue running. This can also be completed by gliding from building to building in more condensed areas like the Red Zone.

The Mad Scientist



NATURAL SELECTION is story mission 11 and takes place in the Yellow Zone.

Two for the Price of One


Simultaneously killed 2 Brawlers using a single Devastator

Once the Devastator move is unlocked (Mission 10: Orion Phase Two in the Yellow Zone) you’ll have plenty of opportunities to pull this off, especially in the Red Zone or during Lair missions. There is also a particular story moment (the battle with Dr. Archer during the Green Zone mission “Alpha Wolf”) where you’ll be attacked by four Brawlers simultaneously.