Prototype 2 achievement and trophy guide

I Want Some More



RESURRECTION is the second story mission in the game.



Reached the highest point in the world

The highest point in the “world” is the Empire State Building in the Red Zone.

It’s an Epidemic



MEET YOUR MAKER is the game’s first story mission.

Just a Flesh Wound


Dismember a Brawler

You do this two different ways: hit a Brawler with a tendril attack and follow up with a claw/blade attack, or damage a Brawler until the consumption prompt appears, then use your claws/blade one more time.

Lair to Rest


Destroyed a single Lair

Lairs are marked by a hazard symbol on your map. You cannot access the first one (found in the south end of the Yellow Zone) until story mission 10. See our full map guide HERE.

Master Prototype


Complete the game on HARD difficulty

This is a relatively easy challenge on your first playthrough, but if you’re having trouble, there’s always new game +...

Murder your Maker?


Complete the game

Why this isn’t considered a ‘secret’ achievement to avoid spoilers we may never know, but beating the game will earn you this achievement/trophy.

One by One


Stealth Consumed 50 Blackwatch troopers

A very simple achievement. First, find a Blackwatch disguise and equip it, then look for any Blackwatch base, preferably one in the Yellow or Green Zones where they won’t be fully engaged with the infected. Once inside, press the left stick to look for soldiers who aren’t being watched (they will appear outlined in white), get behind them, press B/Circle, then X/Square to consume them. If they are being watched, you won’t be allowed to do this stealthily. Repeat until the achievement unlocks.

In the video above we show how you can stealthily disable the viral sensors so that you can consume to your heart’s content without being detected.