Prototype 2 achievement and trophy guide

Up to No Good


Defeated all Field Ops teams

We created an entire collectibles guide devoted to finding BlackBoxes, Field Ops, and Lairs. Check it out HERE.

Vitamin B-rains


Acquired 10 upgrades through Consumes

Some humans and infected throughout the game will grant you an upgrade if you consume them. They are marked by a yellow or blue arm icon on your map. If you miss one of these upgrades or kill the host before consuming them, don’t worry; they will respawn at another random location.

Note that all upgrades are not available right away. Continue with the story, and you’ll find more and more throughout the city. While it is possible for humans to have upgrades, it seems more common for Brawlers to carry them. As such, if you’re hunting for upgrades late in the game, check the red zone or bases in the Yellow and Green Zones where Blackwatch keeps Brawlers inside cages.

Wanted Man


Triggered 50 alerts

This should happen naturally over the course of the game, but the process can be significantly sped up if you are uber-violent.

What a Bitch



LABOUR OF LOVE is the second to last story mission of the game.

Who Watches the Watchers?


Consumed 10 //Blacknet targets

//Blacknet targets are those who are marked with the yellow head icon on your map, and lead you to //Blacknet terminals once consumed. Their locations are random, but you’ll have no trouble spotting 10 of them as you progress through the story.

You’re the Bomb


10 or more kills with a single Bio-Bomb

This is most easily pulled off inside a lair or Central Park in the Red Zone, as there are plenty of infected grouped closely together. However, if you want to be extra cruel, go to the spot on the map in our video, and use a bio-bomb on a cage full of civilians. Or just find a crowded sidewalk somewhere. It’s not too difficult.