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Primeval Extinct

According to The Guardian ITV1 has cancelled Primeval after three series. With ratings down year-on-year and ITV looking for way to cut costs because of shrinking advertising revenues, the show was no longer viable. ITV will now be concentrating its drama budgets on post watershed shows, said a spokesman. Which, whatever your views of Primeval, is a sad state of affairs, suggesting that all we'll on ITV before 9pm from now on is soaps, quizzes and fly-on-the-wall guff.

Primeval’s production company, Impossible Pictures, tried to sort out a rescue deal which would have involved a digital channel, such as Sci Fi, co-financing a fourth season. Clearly this all fell through.

Where this leaves the recently-announced big budget Primeval movie is unclear, but it seems a shame that the show will not now benefit from the publicity a film would generate. It’s also a bit of a shame it ended with such a dull episode.