Portrait of secrets - packed with spoilers

If you're reading this, you're no doubt aware of how much character swapping there is with John and Charlotte. Some enemies have natural weaknesses or strengths against certain attacks, so you've got to constantly be on top of your game, especially against the bosses. What you may have missed, however, are some of the reactions enemies and even main characters will have depending on who's in the room.

Above: This fearsome fighter will lay down his arms for Charlotte

The enemy swordsman above will try to skewer Jonathan, but if you're playing as Charlotte, he'll drop to one knee, rose in hand and say "I love you!" Walk away and the rose wilts, but he'll always keep trying. Plus, when he dies he screams bloody freakin' murder and fades away in a spray of flowers. That never gets old.

Then there's Vincent, the game's merchant. If you hold up for a few seconds, both characters will perform a "break the fourth wall" stance that's mostly just there for laughs. But Charlotte's sexy posing proves too much for Vincent - he just has to speak up. His cries change depending on who's in the room (even if it's both of you), so be sure to check out all the combinations.

Brett Elston

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