Portrait of secrets - packed with spoilers

Now this is a true old-school shout out. Your trophy for trudging through the Nest of Evil and consequently more than 900% of the game is a Dual Crush technique that'll melt your aging NES right into the floor. Called "Greatest Five," this spell summons five legendary vampire hunters to fight for you. Trevor, Simon, Richter, Juste and Leon Belmont then cascade through the area in chunky sprite style. Cool bonus: this is the first time Leon's been presented in 2D sprites, having only appeared in 2003's Lament of Innocence on PS2.

Above: Simon and Juste are just two parts of this classic attack

While this is a hot-as-hell extra, we can't help but wish the Belmonts would have actually appeared and fought alongside Jonathan for a moment or two, much like Final Fantasy VII's "Knights of the Round" summon.

But wait a sec - aren't there more than five Belmonts? Well, Julius (from the Sorrow series) isn't even alive at this point, but it looks like Christopher and his son Solieyu are out of luck. Guess starring in two Game Boy Castlevanias isn't enough to warrant a mention.

Brett Elston

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