Portrait of secrets - packed with spoilers

Upon completing the game, you're granted two new ways to enjoy Dracula's immortal castle. One is the expected "play as someone with a whip" bit we've grown increasingly bored with, but the other puts you in control of Loretta and Stella as they search the castle for clues into their sordid past. What makes this second run so exciting is the fact that it's completely stylus driven - the girls never require any actual button input, save for the d-pad. Instead, you use the stylus to slash enemies away (Stella) or to aim a constant blast of magical energy (Loretta).

Above: Stella and Loretta can lay waste without lifting a finger

With their advanced techniques and innate abilities (such as flying), most of the castle is ready to be explored. That's par for the course though, as all of these bonus runs feature a character that's equipped to handle everything from the start. The sisters' saga wraps up in a fairly anticlimactic way, but still, it's a fantastic addition and a great way to make a familiar setting even more captivating.

Brett Elston

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