Portrait of secrets - packed with spoilers

This one's been done before, but it's still an awesome bit of fan service. Once 888% of the map has been discovered, your ghostly friend Wind decides to offer a quest called "Nest of Evil." What's inside? A floor-by-floor gauntlet of inhumanly powerful creatures and a selection of bosses from last year's Dawn of Sorrow. While it's pretty cool to see some of those old rotting faces again, it's a much bigger trip to see evil doppelgangers of Sypha, Grant and Trevor from the NES Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.

Above: They're back from the dead to test your might

These three do-gooders starred in the last 8-bit Castlevania, and are able to be recruited at various points throughout the quest. Grant could climb walls, Sypha hurled spells and Trevor was the whip-toting vampire killer - here, their roles are the same, but they're aimed directly at you. It's not an overly difficult battle but is sure to place a smile on old-schoolers everywhere. The only thing cooler than this fight is the spell you obtain for sending their spirits back into the ether...