Portrait of secrets - packed with spoilers

The boss rush mode isn't a new idea, but when the bosses are horrible hybrids of human flesh with demonic leftovers, you know there's something special brewing. The two-player co-op is a great Wi-Fi bonus, allowing players from all over the world to slay together. But which boss gets top billing in our book? It's not Brauner, that's for sure - it's Legion, the floating collection of rotting corpses.

Above: Blasting this ball of bodies never gets boring

In Portrait, Legion shows up as a boss in the Nation of Fools, but you're free to pummel it anytime in the boss rush mode. Yeah, it's been in practically all the games since Symphony, but damn is it intimidating. If a 2D Vania ever goes by without a chance to shed pound after pound off of this abomination, it's officially the worst one in the series. Officially.

Brett Elston

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