Portrait of secrets - packed with spoilers

Most enemies fall to the ground in a fairly unceremonious manner - in pieces, quietly. Some scream, some catch on fire and split into quadrants that get sucked up in a pentagram-laced wormhole... you know, everyday stuff. What rocks is when you get a ton of these guys on the screen at once and use some kind of mega weapon to raze 'em all in one shot.

Above: Arms, legs, blood, fire, a power-up... it's beautiful

If you use something like Greatest Five, Meteor or Divine Storm, it'll kill everything at once. Then you can sit back and watch the chunk parade soar through town in a frothy wave of offal. In some seriously gory moments, you can actually make the DS chug for a minute, processing all the carnage. How red can you paint the town?

Brett Elston

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