Pop goes Elijah

Of all the actors working in the world of film, we’re not quite sure we expected Elijah Wood- AKA Frodo Baggins – to be chosen to play wiry, stare-happy rock star Iggy Pop.

But he has indeed signed up to lead The Passenger, a biopic of the man and his legend. And to be fair to the former hobbit, the plot follows Iggy in his earlier years, so chances are Wood won’t have to submit to the make-up chair to attain the muso’s famously lined current look.

Iggy has apparently given the film his “blessing” (much like the Pope, but a little less scary) to the film, but though he’s acted in several films and TV shows (trivia note – he played an alien on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!) he won’t actually be appearing himself.

Drowning Mona director Nick Gomez is director from Eric Schmid’s script, and it all gets a lust for life (sorry, couldn’t resist) within the next sixth months, ready for release in summer 2008.