So where haven’t we been yet? Sunyshore City’s been off limits for quite some time now, but it looks like the Route 222 path is finally clear for us. Eastward ho!


Glameow – Levels 40-42 – Uncommon (Pearl only)
Wingull – Levels 41-42 – Uncommon
Mr, Mime – Levels 41-42 – Rare
Gastrodon – Levels 40-42 – Common
Chatot – Levels 40-41 – Common

Gastrodon, like Shellos before it, looks very different on this side of Sinnoh. Feel free to try and snag one if you’re a completionist. Otherwise, Chatot can be had if you passed it up in Eterna, but the rest of the wild pokes are disappointingly familiar.

There’s an upper path and a lower path to can take to cross this route, and each one has trainers out for your honor. The lower road also has some houses you can pop in and visit. There’s a fisherman living in one of them who will measure any Remoraids you’ve caught. If you beat the current record, you’ll get a special prize.

There’s still not all that much noteworthy here. Let’s just get to Sunyshore already. That final Gym Badge is calling our name!

Above: The final gym. Epic

Ah, beautiful Sunyshore. This place is way cooler than Canalave. Upon entering town, you’ll be, uh, greeted by a red-haired youth. What’s the deal with him? He takes up residence in front of the Gym, and it doesn’t look like he plans to move. Argh. Well, you might as well have a go around town to kill time…

You can finally buy stickers here. Though they don’t have any real affect on your battles, you can apply them to your pokeballs using the PCs in the various Pokemon Centers. You’ll also notice a familiar face along the coast facing Route 223 – it’s Jasmine from Johto! Be sure to stop by and say hi.

There’s a lighthouse you can enter, where you’ll find the Gym Leader, Volkner. Talk to him and he’ll return to his post. Return to the Gym and talk to that red-haired punk, and he’ll finally get out of the way. Are you ready for your final Gym challenge?