You can now return to Sandgem town. If you head north and to the west on Route 202, you’ll spot the Professor’s pal in the grass. They’ll demonstrate how to catch wild Pokemon, and give you 5 Pokeballs to start with. (You can buy more at the Pokemart if you need them). Now’s the time to catch some more pokemon and add to your burgeoning ranks!

Starly - Levels 2-4 - Common
Bidoof - Levels 2-4 - Common

Starly - Levels 2-4 - Common
Bidoof - Levels 2-4 - Common
Shinx - Levels 3-4 - Common
Kricketot - Levels 3-4- Uncommon (Nocturnal)

None of these Pokemon are particularly difficult to find and/or catch, though it should be noted that Kricketot only shows up in the early morning and late night. You’ll also encounter a few opponents on Route 202, so take some time to build your levels up a bit. Kricketot might be more difficult to level up due to his initially slow attack, so you might opt to make him your default pokemon, then switch him out for a stronger fighter once battle begins. Also, try to find a Shinx with the Intimidate ability, which lowers enemy attack immediately after Shinx’s deployment. Even if you don’t plan on making Shinx a party staple, it’s a helpful skill to have at this point early on.


Jubilife town is a fairly large place, home to a TV broadcast station, a Pokemon School, and a company manufacturing devices called “Poketch.” If you talk to people around town, you’ll hear something about being able to win a Poketch, but first, you’ll need to drop by the Pokemon School. Defeat the students’ pokemon in battle, and talk with your friend again. Give him the package and he’ll find two Town Maps inside of it, one of which he’ll give to you. (Select and use it on the Bag screen to look at it.)

A man will spot you and instruct you to go speak with 3 clowns for the Poketch contest. The clowns are located outside the Poketch company, in front of the TV station, and around the area of the Pokemart. They’ll ask you trivia questions, all of which should be incredibly obvious. Score 3 correct answers and go back to the man you spoke to earlier to receive the Poketch! Feel free to mess around with it a bit – it doesn’t have many functions yet, but you’ll earn more as the game progresses.

Above: It's like a game-show. Answer this clown's question and win a beautiful Poketch. If your Price is Right, that is

Also, you may encounter a TV reporter hanging around who wants to interview you. There are several of these reporters throughout the game. Doing the interview doesn’t affect anything super-important, it’s just a fun diversion.