Before we head back to Hearthome, though, we should go harass Team Galactic some more. We’ve been sorely neglecting our need to wipe them off the map. So, after you’ve finished cleaning up in the Gym, talk to the Galactic goon hanging around the Safari Zone. Be prepared for a wild goose chase! Pursue him east, then badger him again. As he runs off, you’ll meet… oh jeez, it’s him again.

He’s mostly the same as he was last time, though his pokemon are of higher levels than before (around Level 25-28). You should be able to clean his clock without too many problems if you’re well prepared with your best pokemon team.

Okay, now let’s get to the chase!


Buizel – Levels 20-22 – Common
Wingull – Levels 20-21 – Common
Shellos – Levels 20-22 – Common
Floatzel – Levels 21-22 – Rare

It’s all Water-type pokemon here by the seashore. You’ll recognize Floatzel from your last Gym Leader encounter, and you probably saw Wingulls handled by some of the lesser trainers inside. Shellos is a different shape and color than it is in western Sinnoh, so if you’re a completionist, you’ll want to grab that one for sure. You can attempt to fish for more Water-type Pokemon here, as well.

Above: The chase will lead you to this handsome froggy

There’s trainers around here, too, of course and they’ve got – surprise – even more water Pokemon! If you’ve still got your Grass and Electric gym team tagging along with you, they’re going to have a field day here.

Keep heading east, and you’ll bump into that Galactic loser again. Talk to him once again and he’ll bolt. Now head north to the Lake Valour area. If you follow the main path north, you’ll go through the Hotel. The desk clerk will heal your pokes if you talk to him, which is certainly convenient. Now, head through the north exit of the Hotel. You’ll see that there’s a lot of expensive-looking property around here you may want to investigate. Also, be sure to stop by the restaurant and battle the trainers there, since they’re all filthy stinkin’ rich with cashola. Ka-ching!

Anyhow, let’s not lose track of the task at hand. The Team Galactic guy you’ve been chasing is close to the restaurant. Give him another tap on the shoulder to send him fleeing yet again. Follow him north now, where he’ll finally grow a spine and attack you… with a single Glameow. Oooh, scary.

Beat him and he’ll run off yet again. When you head north, you’ll see Cynthia, who you met a while earlier. Have a chat with her and she’ll give you Secret Medicine, which you can use to alleviate whatever it is that the Psyduck Brigade on Route 210 is suffering from.

So what now? Well, we’ve got to head back to Veilstone. We can either Fly there or take Route 214 northbound. There’s some good wild pokemon living along the Route, so it wouldn’t hurt to go that way. Of course, it’s entirely up to you.


Kricketune – Level 23-24 – Rare
Geodude – Level 22-23 – Common
Graveler – Level 23-24 – Uncommon
Girafarig – Level 23-24 – Rare
Stunky – Level 23-24 - Uncommon (Diamond only)
Ponyta – Level 23-24 – Common

Girafarig is something of an oddity – a Normal/Psychic combination type. It can also use Dark skills, which can cause some major hurting if you’re trying to take it on using a Ghost type. Graveler is Geodude’s evolution, and you can pick one up now if you want, but just be forewarned that by the time you reach the game’s end you’ll be cursing the existence of the things. If you do catch one, you can immediately trade it to a friend and back to have it evolve into its final form, Golem.

We’re back in Veilstone. What now?