Above: Move, Psyduck, get out the way, get out the way Psyduck, get out the way

Remember the gaggle of Psyducks on Route 210? It’s time to go back there and give the little guys what they need. They’ll clear the path for you, allowing you to proceed further north.

Cynthia will sneak up behind you again and chat for a little bit. Answer “yes” to her question to receive an Ancient Charm. She’ll then take off again. Hmmm.

Anyway, your trek northwards will involve running through a large field of grass. There’s a couple of ninja wannabes lurking amongst the vegetation, and they’ll pop out to challenge you if you enter their line of vision. As you move further and further north, you’ll notice that it’s getting harder and harder to see anything…

While it’s possible to get through this area without using Defog, it’s almost a necessity, since the fog also affects your pokemon fights. Fog makes pokemon more likely to miss when they attack each other. While it goes both ways (both you and the enemy are affected), it can cause battles to drag out for far too long.


Bibarel – Level 24 – Common
Meditite – Levels 24-26 – Common
Psyduck – Levels 25-26 – Common
Machop – Levels 25-26 – Common
Machoke – Level 26 – Rare

If you’re going to be chasing Pokemon here, Machoke’s the one to get. Trade him to a friend and back to get the Machamp evolution when you have a chance.

Hike westward, fighting off trainers and wild pokemon when they foolishly decide to cross your path. It’s going to be a pretty tiring slog, since trainers are all over the place and they’ve got a wide variety of pokemon to throw at you. Finally, you’ll emerge in Celestic City.

Celestic City is a real old-fashioned, backwater place. There’s not even a Pokemart around here, they just run the local supply store out of a residence. At least they have a Pokemon Center, which is more than can be said for Twinleaf. Take your Pokemon to the center for some recovery, then talk to the locals for some goodies (Knowledge Glasses and an Analog Clock Poketch application, to be specific).

There’s one thing that’s out of place here, and that’s the Team Galactic flunky standing in front of a cave entrance smack-dab in the middle of town. He wouldn’t be standing there if he wasn’t trying to guard something, right? Talk to him and pick a fight. He’s got Croagunk and Beautifly for his pokemon, both of which you’ve fought several times before.

He’ll dash off with his tail between his legs when you’re through with him. The town elder will come talk to you once he’s gone, thanking you for your help in ridding Celestic of his presence. She’ll notice the Charm Cynthia gave you and show you the inside of the cave, which details a legend of three ancient psychic pokemon: Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. She’ll then give you HM03, Surf, which you can use after you complete the fifth Gym.

Pop outside to find Blue-Haired Emo Guy again, once again spouting his loathing of the world and mentioning something about Mt. Coronet. Yeah, whatever, buddy, we’re not wasting time listening to your blather when we’ve got Gyms to conquer.

Go to the Pokecenter and get one of your Fly-using pokes from the computer, so we’re not stuck having to go through the godforsaken foggy clearing and rainforest again to return to Hearthome. Once you land back in the city, prepare for your next full-on Gym assault!