Above: The lake. She is dry

Fly back over to the area near Lake Valour. When you approach the entrance to the lake, you’ll see that the people blocking before have fled the scene. Step into the woods to find a dry lake with hundreds of half-dead Magikarp flopping around. Lovely.

Work your way to the cave in the center of the lake, leaving a trail of bruised and beaten Galactic grunts in your path. Inside is Saturn, another Galactic Commander. Prepare for another boss battle!

Saturn has Kadabra and Bronzor, who you should both be familiar with by this point. The real danger is his Toxicroak, the evolution of the always-annoying Croagunk. It can hit hard and take a lot of punishment. Keep your pokemon as healthy as necessary, and keep attacking with your strongest skills!

Saturn might be beaten, but it seems that the other two Galactic Commanders are hanging around Lake Verity and Lake Acuity. Lake Verity is the place where you received your very first Pokemon, so Fly back to Twinleaf and prepare for a not-so-sweet homecoming.

At Lake Verity, you’ll find the Professor and his assistant taking on Mars and her lackeys. You’ll need to fight off a few grunts in double-battles before you can reach Mars. If you remember your previous battle against her, she had a particularly tough Purugly in her poke-roster. She’s still got the cat, and it’s still a tank, but she’s also got Golbat and Bronzor with it. You know the drill with the latter two by now – the Purugly’s still the one to look out for. Use strong Fighting skills to do as much damage to the fat feline as possible each turn.

She’ll run off after your victory, but not before taunting you with the knowledge that Team Galactic has captured the Legendary Trio of Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. Uh-oh. Better see what’s going on at Lake Acuity.

Fly back to Snowpoint and make a beeline for the lake. Your rival will be fending off Jupiter, and (shockingly) will be doing a halfway decent job. Thankfully, you won’t have to pick a fight here, as Jupiter will run off on her own. Everyone’s headed back to Galactic HQ, apparently. Where could that be? In that huge building that dominates the Veilstone skyline, perhaps…