Welcome to the Sunyshore Gym, a maze of gears! You’ll have to manipulate the gears via switches to get to where you need to go. Watch carefully how the switches interact with each type of gear to figure out how to get to where you need to go.

The trainers here have a mix of Electric- and Psychic-type pokemon. Electric-type pokes have but one weakness… Ground attacks. Ground-type pokemon are also completely immune to Electric strikes. Alas, Ground-type pokemon are in somewhat short supply. If you haven’t been there already, we suggest stopping by the hidden portion of the Wandering Cave (check our sidequests page for the details) and try and capture a Gabite before going here. The little guy will need a good amount of training before he’s ready for prime time, but at Level 40, it learns the Dig attack, which alone is powerful enough to shut down over half of this gym’s trainers. Wooper/Quagsire and Gastrodon are also ones to consider.

Volker actually has a somewhat varied roster. Besides Raichu and Luxray, two pure-Electric-types, he’s also got the Normal-type Ambipom and the Water-type Octillery. Don’t let them throw off your rhythm! Be sure you have a good set of varied attacks spread amongst your Pokemon. If you play smart, you should pull through this fight without too much of a hassle.

Congratulations, you’ve got the last badge! The only things keeping you from being the Pokemon Champion now are Victory Road and the Elite Four at the Pokemon League… and a watery path called Route 223.

Above: On Victory Road, you'll find a deadly hippopotamus

Before we set sail, let’s talk to Jasmine again and tell her how we totally owned Volker a moment ago. She’ll be so impressed that she’ll give you the final HM, Waterfall! Put it on the same pokemon you use for Surfing. From that bit of shoreline, you can start sailing north, towards Victory Road and the Legendary Pokemon League.


Tentacruel – Levels 38-46 – Abundant
Pelipper – Levels 36-40 – Uncommon
Mantyke – Levels 30-39 – Uncommon

Tentacruel proves to be no problem at all to catch, simply because it’s all over the place. Pelipper and Mantyke appear far less frequently. Mantyke is undeniably cute, and has a bizarre but interesting means of evolution, but you probably have more than enough good Water-type pokemon already. Its massive Electric weakness (due to dual Flying nature) also hurts a lot.

The trainers here have some pretty high-level pokes. Fortunately, they’re all of the Water type, meaning you can use your strongest Grass and Electric pokemon to sink them without a second thought.

It’s a somewhat lengthy cruise, but you’ll eventually reach a massive waterfall. Use your newly learned HM here and scale it to reach the entrance to Victory Road! There’s a Pokemon Center conveniently located here, which you can Fly to later on if need be. In fact, you may just want to spend some time preparing yourself first, then Flying back when you’re finished, because the final stretch of the game will test you to your limits.