The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time dungeon walkthrough and item guide

Now that Ocarina of Time is available on the 3DS, one of Nintendo's greatest adventures is now accessible across four different platforms - the N64 original, a GameCube promotional disc, the Wii's Virtual Console and, obviously, the 3DS. Luckily, each of these contain the exact same game, so one guide fits all. As with all Zelda games, the meat of the game lies within each of the nine dungeons; each presents its own ideas and challenges, with some more devious than others. To that end, we offer video walkthroughs for all nine dungeons, from the Deku Tree to the final showdown with Ganon.

We've also included locations for every heart piece, Gold Skulltula and inventory item. Full details for each below!

Get: Fairy Slingshot, Gold Skulltulas x3, Kokiri Emerald

Get: Bomb Bag, Gold Skulltulas x5, Goron Ruby

Get: Boomerang, Gold Skulltulas x4, Zora's Sapphire

Get: Fairy Bow, Gold Skulltulas x4, Forest Medallion

Get: Megaton Hammer, Gold Skulltulas x5, Fire Medallion

Get: Longshot, Gold Skulltulas x5, Water Medallion

Get: Hover Boots, Gold Skulltulas x5, Shadow Medallion

Get: Silver Gauntlets, Mirror Shield, Gold Skulltulas x5, Heart Container

Get: Gold Gauntlets

Where to find all 36 pieces of heart

Where to find all 100 gold skulltulas

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