The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Shadow Temple walkthrough

After completing the Water Temple, look for a shrine-like tablet on the island with a tree. Obtain the Fire Arrows by firing an arrow into the rising sun as it passes through two pillars in the distance. With those in hand, head to Kakariko Village – it’s on fire! Turns out an ancient evil has been awakened and it’s up to Link (and Impa, sort of) to stop it.

Return here as a child and play the Song of Storms to drain the well. Proceed down the well and trudge through this mini-dungeon to acquire the Lens of Truth. Now return to Kakariko as an adult, play the Nocturne of Shadow you recently learned and enter the Shadow Temple.

Get: Hover Boots, Gold Skulltulas x, Heart Container

The first several minutes of this dungeon require the Lens of Truth, so keep it handy. The Hover Boots enable Link to walk on air for about one full second, adding a slight bit of distance to his leaps.

Above: There are many fake walls and secrets in this temple. Use the Lens of Truth to see through them

Above: For example – only one of these skull pillars is real, and will trigger the door. The others cause the floor to drop out beneath Link

Above: Powerful fans can blow Link off this walkway. Use the Iron Boots to weigh yourself down

Fighting Bongo Bongo: Now this is odd – an armless, one-eyed creature with giant hands playing a massive bongo. Uh, right. Fire an arrow at one hand, then another to stun the monster, then target and fire upon the red eye. This brings Bongo down to the ground, where you can stab away. Keep the Lens of Truth on for most of the fight, as Bongo’s eye is invisible to the naked eye.

Next stop, Gerudo Valley and the Desert Colossus!

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