The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Ganon's Castle walkthrough

Get: Gold Gauntlets

After completing the Spirit Temple, return to the Temple of Time and discover Sheik’s true identity. Ganondorf soon intervenes and forces Link to face him in his own castle, a terrifying tower where Hyrule Castle once stood. Enter and finish the fight.

Above: Before heading farther into the castle, look under the bridge for a fake wall that leads to a fairy-rich secret room. Stock up!

Above: In the Forest room, play the Song of Time to reveal a floating block. Then use the Hover Boots to float across the large gap

Above: The Shadow room requires Fire Arrows, the Lens of Truth and a lot of precision jumping

Above: The easiest way to access the final two coins in the Fire room is to head to the end of the area, then use the Longshot to zip across

Above: Use the spin attack to trigger the switch behind bars. Then use a Bombchu to activate the switch that’s deeper in the room

Fighting Ganondorf: As with Phantom Ganon, reflect Ganondorf’s energy balls back at him until he finally slips up. When he’s stunned, quickly line up a shot with the Light Arrows to further stun him, then leap over and slash away. Remember that jump attacks deal more damage. Repeat this a few times and the battle will end, triggering a daring escape from a collapsing castle.

Fighting Ganon: He’s not finished yet! Ganondorf transforms into his beastly boar form previously seen in the original Zelda and Link to the Past. He knocks the Master Sword out of your hands, so use the Megaton Hammer to deal damage. Roll between his legs and strike the rainbow-colored tail; you can also target his head and stun him with Light Arrows. Eventually you’ll reclaim the Master Sword and deal the final blow.

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