The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Jabu Jabu walkthrough

Once Dodongo’s Cavern is handled, leave Kakariko Village and take an immediate left to access Zora’s River. Here you can begin to buy Magic Beans (useful later in the game so stock up as much you can) as well as acquire a heart piece by using the lone cuccoo fluttering around. At the end of the river, clear the path to the right of the waterfall (a shortcut to the Lost Woods) and then play Zelda’s Lullaby to access Zora’s Domain.

Inside, get the Silver Scale from a zora atop another waterfall, then dive in the pond to find a warp point to Lake Hylia. There, dive to find another bottle that contains a message from Princess Ruto. Talk to the scarecrows on the shore before heading back to Zora’s Domain; as you surface, use a bottle to snag a fish out of the shallow water to the left, near the torch post (also – light all the torches in here for another heart piece). Show Ruto’s letter to King Zora, drop the bottled fish in front of Jabu Jabu and then head inside. Well, you’re sucked inside, so you don’t have a choice.

Get: Boomerang, Gold Skulltulas x4, Heart Container, Spiritual Stone of Water

A strange Zelda dungeon for sure, but it’s also one of our favorites. The main thing to mention is you need to talk to Princess Ruto a few times until she “lets” you carry her around the pulsating innards of Jabu Jabu. With her added weight, you can press switches that Link otherwise cannot. You can also leave her on a switch to keep a door open, enabling Link to pass through.

Above: Carry Ruto around to place her on various switches

Above: Each of these tentacles is powered by a root somewhere in the dungeon. Destroy each root to gain access to new areas

Above: The boomerang can trigger switches and snag far away items. Keep that in mind if you’re stuck!

Fighting Barinade: Target its tentacles with your boomerang, which causes Barinade to send its protective shell flying around the room. Take care of these floating enemies, then concentrate on Barinade itself. Stun it with the boomerang and slash away. Collect the Heart Container, exit the belly.

You now have all three stones! Navi wants you to return to Hyrule Castle, but first take this opportunity to scour Hyrule for heart pieces, magic beans, Skulltulas and other goodies before making the next big step. You can even travel west all the way to Gerudo Valley and pick up a couple of heart pieces…

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