Pokemon Go Kanto Masterwork Research - how to get a shiny Mew

Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto
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The Pokemon Go Kanto Masterwork Research is the first of its kind, released for ticket holders during the Pokemon Go Tour Kanto event, and it's a big one. Masterwork Research in Pokemon Go is a new type of challenge for players that will take a long time to complete, so don't worry; you're not limited to completing it during the event itself. Here's everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go Kanto Masterwork Research and the reward at the end of it all. Also, if you haven't picked which version you want yet, make sure you check out our Pokemon Go Tour Kanto Red or Green guide to help you decide.

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Pokemon Go Kanto Masterwork Research explained

Pokemon Go Tour Kanto Masterwork Research

(Image credit: Niantic)

The first big question is how you unlock the Kanto Masterwork Research in the first place. When the Pokemon Go Tour Kanto event begins, you'll have the Special Research to complete, which is a shorter, easier job. The reward for this is a shiny Ditto, along with unlocking the Kanto Masterwork Research.

When you complete the Special Research and catch shiny Ditto, you've got a slog ahead of you. All the exact tasks haven't been revealed at the time of writing, but we do know that to complete the Kanto Masterwork Research, you'll need to do the following:

  • Reach level 40
  • Have a complete Kanto Pokedex (platinum Kanto medal)
  • Catch 30 Pokemon of each type
  • Spin 151 unique PokeStops
  • Walk 151km

When you achieve all of this and more, you'll be faced with one of the best rewards in Pokemon Go so far: a shiny Mew! This is the only way to obtain a shiny Mew in the game, so no matter how long it takes you to complete, it's worth grinding towards.

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