PlayStation Home getting free-to-play FPS and Poker

The digital streets of PlayStation Home are about to run #FF0000, as Sony has detailed its plans to introduce a free-to-play FPS called Bootleggers as an attraction in its upcoming Home renovation. The multiplayer game will be housed in PlayStation Home's new Action District, and give players the ability to arm their Avatars and engage in no-cost urban warfare with friends, strangers, strange friends, and friendly strangers...

Sony's director of Home, Jack Buser, revealed the basic online shooter in an interview with Shack News. He explained the game will not follow the freemium model, but instead be completely free in a bid to attract new inhabitants to Sony's virtual world. Beyond Bootleggers, Buser also revealed PS3 homebodies will have access to a “fully-featured” poker game in the Sportswalk zone, along with real-time sport updates and highlight reels.

More than just an aesthetic update, PlayStation Home's redesign will transform Sony's social hub into a completely new online beast featuring multiple 'parks' geared toward different video game genres. The makeover is slated to take effect in the near future.

Sep 23, 2011

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