Picard showrunner Terry Matalas opens up on his sequel idea Star Trek: Legacy

Star Trek: Picard
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Picard season 3, and the entire show, comes to an end with episode 10, but not before a particularly emotional death in the penultimate installment. 

Yep, Captain Liam Shaw, played by Todd Stashwick, tragically sacrificed himself to the Borg. But, there's a chance that the actor could return for more, should Matalas's sequel idea Star Trek: Legacy – a show that would continue the exploits of the former Titan crew – happen. How does Matalas feel about the fan campaign to make it a reality?

"I mean, I love it. And this would be it. Shaw does not make it out alive," Matalas tells SFX magazine in the new issue, featuring Picard on the cover. "However, we do have plans for a Shaw character – specifically Todd Stashwick – to be a part of Legacy that I can't talk about, but we always knew we would never do that show without Todd. So we had plans in place for that, should it ever happen. But there's nothing in development, unfortunately."

Matalas also discussed the future of Picard. "These shows are expensive to make. They currently have two shows, with Strange New Worlds and Starfleet Academy [beginning production in 2024] and I think Paramount would have to financially justify a third one," he says. "I think the way they look at it is that they're well-stocked. So unless fans can convince them otherwise, that's certainly the point of view at the moment."

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