Peggy Carter, AKA Captain Britain, will appear in every season of What If?

What If...?
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Set to debut on Disney Plus later this year, Marvel's What If series imagines alternate versions of familiar MCU stories. As the title implies it's a flight of fancy, a multiverse situation, and one of the characters on the docket for reinvention is Agent Peggy Carter. 

The concept behind her appearance is simple: what if Peggy got dosed with the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers? What if Peggy Carter became Captain Britain? 

Not only if she set to appear, but according to the show's producer, Carter's involvement is substantial across the show's multi-season span. 

"We realized, I think, early on in development as we were starting to get [A.C. Bradley's] scripts and starting to look at the arc of the series that there was going to be a character that bubbled up and became more important," said executive producer Brad Winderbaum to CBR

"Not more important than the rest, but had a strong relationship with The Watcher, who is really our driving force behind the series, and that's Captain Carter."

Hayley Atwell will voice the character of Captain Carter, reprising the role she debuted in Captain America: The First Avenger, and on into her own spin-off TV series, Agent Carter.  

The first trailer for What If showed a first glimpse of Peggy in action as Captain Carter. Several shots are revealed, seemingly showing Peggy in different locations, which could mean we'll see more than one alternate version of her before the series ends.

"We realized as we started developing the second season that Captain Carter was going to be the character we would revisit in every season, and continue that adventure," he continues. "Obviously, we're telling a story on a giant, multiversal canvas. So you never really know who's going to pop up where, and when. It's very much an anthology, but there's always opportunity for fun connections to be made."

Early reviews for the animated series are overwhelmingly positive, with our own Bradley Russell praising the show for its "fresh, inventive storytelling, particularly for some characters who don’t always get the spotlight."

What If? premieres on Disney Plus August 11. Ahead of its debut, find out which 5 stories from the What If? comics we'd love to see make it to the screen.  

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