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Patty Jenkins to direct Wonder Woman

In the two days since Michelle MacLaren vacated the director’s chair on Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. has already lined-up her successor. Patty Jenkins will now direct the first female-led superhero pic in the studio’s DC Cinematic Universe. No stranger to comic book lore, she was at one point attached to direct Thor: The Dark World for rival studio Marvel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the speedy turnaround was necessary to keep momentum on the movie pushing forward. As is the movie is expected to hit theaters in June 2017, that only leaves two years for scripting, wider casting, and making sure Gal Gadot has plenty of badass costume changes.

Jenkins has an established resume of TV credits, including the pilot for The Killing, and also steered Charlize Theron to Oscar glory in Monster. If she can yank that type of performance out of Theron, who knows what Jenkins has in store for Gadot? Before we witness her take on the Amazonian warrior, the character will make her onscreen debut in next year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice on March 25, 2016. Wonder Woman opens on June 23, 2017.

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Gem Seddon
Gem Seddon

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