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Our videogame Christmas cards, rated

[UPDATE, Dec 21 - Check out the great slab'o'chocolate NCSoft sent us, and Free Radical's sacrilicious Bible-inspired offering!]

Dec 20, 2007

Christmas is, as we all should know by now, a time for giving. This year we've been given a whole raft of greetings cards from the developers and publishers that make videogaming so great. Some good, some not, but all wishing us well this festive season. Ahhhh.

But what do we have to give? Wait. We've got it. In line with videogame journalism's anally-retentive obsession with scores, verdicts, judgements and numbers totted up in acolumn to communicate some sort of relative value, we've fixed our beady reviewer's eye on the pile of cards andgiven each one a thoroughly impudent rating, like a squawking spoiled toddler on Christmas morning.

There. Don't ever tell us wenever give anything back to the industry...