One guy in the new Hogwarts Legacy trailer really, really hates owls

Hogwarts Legacy
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The latest Hogwarts Legacy trailer has introduced us to a potential villain that really doesn't like owls. 

The new trailer, which shows a new cinematic of the game, features a messenger owl that is tasked with taking a letter from one side of the wizarding world to another. During its journey, the little bird will pass through Hogwarts, crossing paths with students and what looks like Nearly Headless Nick, before eavesdropping on some of the Hogwarts professors, and narrowly avoiding the jaws of a huge dragon. 

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One thing that fans have pointed out in the game's subreddit (opens in new tab), however, is the weird reaction one character had to the owl. Around 45 seconds into this trailer, we can see a shady-looking individual attempting to tame a Hippogriff before they're distracted by the bird flying through the sky and instinctively use the spell Avada Kedavra on it.

Considering the owl is just trying to do its job, this is a pretty big overreaction. There may be a reason for it though. As pointed out in the comments of the Reddit post linked above, it's possible that the person who attempted to take out the feathered messenger is actually a villain of the upcoming game who was trying to stop the owl from delivering something pretty important. This must have been the case as it's not just one character attempting to blast the messenger out of the sky but numerous others as well.  

The trailer ends with the current release date for the game, February 10, 2023, which is only three weeks away now. The excitement surrounding Hogwarts Legacy has increased as we've got closer to the game's release, especially with those planning to play the game on PC. Over the last week, Hogwarts Legacy has been climbing up the Steam charts in both the platform's Top Sellers and Top Wishlisted lists. 

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