Hogwarts Legacy has climbed even higher up the Steam charts

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UPDATE: Hogwarts Legacy has climbed even higher up Steam's Top Sellers list after reaching fourth place just two weeks ago.

As reported by @BenjiSales on Twitter, Hogwarts Legacy has managed to reach second place in Steam's Top Sellers list last week (beaten only by Valve's Steam Deck), making it the digital storefront's best-selling game of the week.

The interest surrounding Hogwarts Legacy on PC has been going strong for a while now, with the upcoming game not only sitting near the top of Steam's Top Sellers list but also its Top Wishlisted (opens in new tab) list too. We recently found out about Hogwarts Legacy's PC specs, which could have driven interest in the game on said platform. 

According to BenjiSales' tweet, the magical open-world adventure managed to beat out the likes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Raft, and even Elden Ring last week. At the time of writing this though, it has already been knocked down a few pegs by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and FIFA 23. Let's see if this pattern continues as we get closer to Hogwarts Legacy's release on February 10, 2023.    

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ORIGINAL: Hogwarts Legacy is gearing up for a massive PC launch, if its early sales are anything to go by.

Twitter user BenjiSales, who highlights sales data and trends in the games industry, noted that despite being more than a month away from release, Hogwarts Legacy hit number four on last week's Steam best sellers list. It's far from unheard-of for preorders to make their way onto that list, but doing so more than a month from launch is definitely notable.

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Hogwarts Legacy's success puts it up alongside some serious juggernauts of Steam's top sellers list. At number four, it was only beaten by Valve's chronically sought-after Steam Deck, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Elden Ring. The latter, in particular, was coming off an unprecedented week in which it claimed The Last of Us 2's record as the most-awarded Game of the Year ever, and saw its first significant discount during the Steam Winter Sale. At time of writing, that momentum shows no sign of slowing, as it's also sitting at number two on Steam's list of Top Selling Games (opens in new tab) right now.

It's no surprise that Hogwarts Legacy is expecting a significant launch. There's a massive franchise behind it in the form of Harry Potter, and it recently overtook apocalyptic MMO The Day Before as Steam's most-wishlisted title. It's hard to get a true sense of how it'll fare on console, but its current popularity on PC means it could be one of the biggest new games 2023 we see this year.

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